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2017 07-28
Trade company or manufacturer, how to sourcing leather case? If you’re a new retailer or a small wholesaler in searching of explosions, choosing the trade company should be better than manufacturers. And if you are a global sourcing from scale enterprise with specific requirement, or had a reputation for case brand, don’t hesitation to choose one or more manufacturers as your supplier, it must save much of your cost, and more guarantees of delivery time.
2016 09-12
Other leather types according to different method of categorizing other leather types according to different method of categorizing:
2016 09-12
Elementary Knowledge about Leather- types Leathers are made from the skins of many animals but mainly cattle, goat, sheep and pigskins.
2016 09-02
How to protect your cellphone? You should look at different cases before settling on any particular one It is always a good idea to get a hands-on feel. Moreover, you can buy two cellphone cases and use them interchangeably: one for everyday office use and another for going hiking.
2016 06-24
2016 06-24
2016 06-24
REFLYNG PERFECT CASE DESIGN WITH FLAW Phone button is an important part needs to be care in case manufacturing. There were a Hongkong client brought iPhone 6S cases made from some other manufacturer, while the side button is not sensitive when putting these cases on.
2016 06-24
REFLYING IPHONE6S MODIFICATION CASE An English customer came to our factory with an iPhone 6S case sample, that case sample is beautiful with good looking and solid quality, an absolutely hot-sale in market.
2016 06-24
CASE DEVELOPMENT WITH STAR-UP ENTREPRENEUR We’ve also cooperation with some very creative customers, there were an American independent designer, had an innovative idea want to make it real. But when he came to us he didn’t even finished his design drawing.
2016 06-24

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