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Case Factory School-How To Classify iPad Case?

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For many case distributors, retailers, sourcing cases is one of their main work, it’s important to know how to classify cases, it will make you looks not like “the guy easy to bully”. Now Case Factory School will show you how to classify iPad case.

According to the way of the protection;

1.All-inclusive style: the appearance of simple.

All-inclusive style

2.Hinge-type protective cover: the most common type but can provide a full range of protection, can be carried directly.


3.Back shell type: The main feature is ultra-thin and light, in line with the pursuit of light and thin flat, and not easy to dirty, easy to clean!

back shell

According to the functional division

1. Anti-radiation: This type of protective cover with radiation protection materials, can reduce the radiation damage to the human body.

2. Hibernate: Refers to the switch function, when you close it is the tablet automatically enter hibernation; open the cover plate will automatically activate.

3. Other categories: may not have special features, but there are features such as protection and brackets, the price is relatively cheaper.

According to material classification

1. Genuine leather: high-end protective cover or business series, the best feel but the higher prices.

leather case

2. Silicone: for the low end of the protective cover, feel is not very good, but the price is relatively cheap and affordable.

silicone case

3.PU or other: These are for some of the more prominent design, very personal protective cover,  the price is medium.

pu case

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