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How to distinguish PU leather and genuine leather?

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It is understood that now almost every mobile phone users have used a mobile phone protective cover. Whether the elderly, middle-aged, young people have their own ingenuity of the phone sets, a variety of models of mobile phone holster. Mobile phone sets in the period of 2000 is very popular to carry the kind of style in the trousers belt, and now there are still a large number of people in use, and now more and more mobile phone sets of styles, young people like the style of mobile phone pocket To the more fancy, people's aesthetic upgrade, but the mobile phone sets of manufacturers to produce mobile phone sets are also advancing with the times to meet the needs of the majority of users.

genuine leather

There are a lot of people do not know what is the PU material? Now let me introduce you.

PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane, the Chinese name of the polyurethane, because only a simple modification of the formula can get different density, flexibility, rigidity and so on.

PU material features: very light, fire, water, moth, mildew, anti-cracking use and indoor and outdoor decoration materials.

There are many people do not dial the authenticity of leather, in fact, mobile phone holster identification method has the following identification:

The first: visual sense of smell and touch

Leather pores, patterns are relatively deep, and leather, then the nose smell the taste of leather, and some are not leather will have this taste in order to deceive customers, but there are particularly important touch, if there is smooth, Soft, and also with flexibility that is certainly leather, and even PU leather will have a taste, if you follow the above argument to identify are basically leather.

The second: Burn and water absorption

Maybe buring it is not a good idea, but it is a good way to distinguish, the leather burns up there will be a burning hair smell, and geniu leather are easy to absorb the dermis, fake skin can not do this effect.

In accordance with the above argument to operate if you do, certainly the phone waterproof protective cover is a leather, and if not, then either PU leather, look at you when you buy a mobile phone pocket to see if it is leather or PU leather.

In addition, genuine leather usually labled calf leather, suede leather, nappa leather, etc. Be catagoried by these specific name, items only labled genuine leather on tags usually means that’s low-grain, low quality leather, but it’s leather anyway.


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