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2017 12-12
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Leather Cases As the symbol of never out of fashion, leather case is always a good choice. For the luxury and soft case, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
2017 11-21
Three Factors of Cell Phone Case Design Detail The mobile phone case is mainly to protect the role of mobile phones, smart phones in the rapid development of mobile phone cases also expanded the market, therefore, manufacturers of mobile phone case design and production are more and ...
2017 11-07
Case Factory School-How To Classify iPad Case? For many case distributors, retailers, sourcing cases is one of their main work, it’s important to know how to classify cases, it will make you looks not like “the guy easy to bully”. Now Case Factory School will show you how to classify iPad case.
2017 10-26
Biggest Potential Issue of iPhone 8 With the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X release, the iPhone 8 seems is not that different compared to the iPhone 7 on the shape design, just for wireless charging, the former shell changed into a glass material. iPhone 8 back to...
2017 10-24
Reflying-Tech in Global Sources Expo 2017 From Oct 18th to 21st, we've attended the 2017 Global Sources Exhibition in AsiaWorld-Expo at Hong Kong. It's quite a large-scale exposition at all, we're glad to meet many friends of related industries, had a lot of great talking with others, and also made many customers get to know us already, it's a good start to build partnership in future.
2017 10-12
How to distinguish PU leather and genuine leather? There are many people do not dial the authenticity of leather, in fact, mobile phone holster identification method has the following identification
2017 09-30
How To Clean Up And Care For Leather Phone Case? For consumers who doesn’t know how to care for cell phone cases, the replacement of leather phone cases is a very casual thing. But many people may not know that the leather phone case is been well maintained and can become more beautiful.
2017 09-28
Top 8 Stunning Phone Case Design You Can't Miss The following are some of the latest most popular and stunning models of mobile phone case, ultra-thin, delicate extreme feel you absolutely worth having.
2017 09-26
Phone Case Factory Packaging Line Work-flow A glance of phone case packaging line in China case factory. At this few minutes video, you can see hundreds of phone case been put into box and packaged, how efficient of China factory are.
2017 07-28
How to do leather case factory audit? Factory Audit is an important process before business relationship build, client’s visiting is welcomed anytime.
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