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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Leather Cases

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A smartphone is essential in our life already, now we are not only satisfied with the smart phone’s appearance, we want it to be different from others, as the symbol of never out of fashion, leather case is always a good choice. For the luxury and soft case, what are the advantages and disadvantages?



1. Can add texture to the phone

Without a doubt that leather case feels soft and comfortable compared with other cases.

2. Officially and Presentable

If you are a businessman, if you hold a phone with plastic or colorful cartoon case, it must be weird when others noticed your phone when meeting or conversation.

3. Better thermal performance

Compared to other materials, leather have better performance on thermal, which is important for people that like watching videos on the phone and playing mobile games.

4. Reduce buffering

As a phone case, the most important function is to the protct mobile phone. And genuine leather case always good at it.


1. Bad at waterproof

Well, we all know that genuine leather have small gaps that make it bad at waterproof, but it was okay if you noticed before water hurt your phone.

2. Uneasy to maintenance

Like other leather items, we have to pay more attention to how to protect your leather case compare to others. We’ve listed some tips on how to clean up and care your leather phone case.