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Three Factors of Cell Phone Case Design Detail

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The mobile phone case is mainly to protect the role of mobile phones, smart phones in the rapid development of mobile phone cases also expanded the market, therefore, manufacturers of mobile phone case are pay more and more attentions on design and production. Now we get into the details of the design of the phone case.

(1) Shape

The shape is actually a relatively stable geometry. It is believed that the appearance of geometry is a matter of pleasing, depending on the geometry of the front shape, but for designers, the shape of the side, top and bottom have a very important role, each surface itself is interdependent, you need to design Teachers to carefully mix, in order to make each phone case become beautiful, generous or give the feeling of deviant.

Mobile phone case shape has a traditional rectangle, as well as the new era of variation shape. Humans have traditionally followed thousands of years of cultural traditions, preferring more traditional forms, but more young people prefer some more trendy forms.

(2) Structure

Structure refers to an article of the external and internal components by a variety of organic combination, here refers to the case and another mobile phone with a different process to produce a device equipped with one or more of the various structures. It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, but also reflects the use of product features and performance. For each structure, you can use both practical and decorative design. Practical structure refers to the actual application of mobile phone case structure of the performance; the decorative structure is only the needs of the design itself, does not have practicality.

(3) Material

Material refers to the case material quality, texture, and variety of integrated mobile phone case design is one of the elements. The leather is the main material for the mobile case, which includes leather, reclaimed leather, and artificial leather. Each material has its own characteristics and strength, which directly affects the process effect and the technical treatment of components as well as the durability. In this industry, all kinds of textile materials coupled with leather products made using the case production process, also known as cell phone case.


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